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After a "misspent youth" of steady and incessant doses of Conan the Barbarian, Doc Savage and any and all forms of fantasy and sci-fi literature, Sandy has changed little in the four decades since. His favorite author these days is H.

After Worlds Collide : Edwin Balmer :

Rider Haggard , with whom he feels a strange kinship -- although Sandy is not English or a manored gentleman of the 19th century -- and his favorite reading matter consists of sci-fi, fantasy and horror Sandy is also a devoted buff of classic Hollywood and foreign films, and has reviewed extensively on the IMDb under the handle "ferbs Not that the review deserves less, I enjoyed it. I really enjoy both novels —I try to re-read them every couple of years. I also felt that AWC ended way too soon.

A follow-on book is needed. I would love to know how mankind progressed. Hi recently found this website and really enjoy the book reviews.

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Can someone contact me if you have a spare book and any other old science fiction books for sale. These would be for my own personal enjoyment and I would be willing to return them if so desired here is my email address and phone number. One of the finds on Bronson Beta was some sort of electric vehicle. Keep in mind when this was written. When I first read both books many years ago, I never dreamed that I would someday have one of those futuristic vehicles parked in my own garage. Now I do! Your email address will not be published.

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After Worlds Collide

Thank you! Follow on Facebook. Glad you enjoyed reading this review, Carly…as well as the book itself, of course! Great review!

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    KALLY'S Mashup Cast - Worlds Collide (Audio) ft. Maia Reficco

    Want to help us defray the cost of domains, hosting, software, and postage? We receive referral fees for all purchases not just books. Also, we earn referral fees when you click our sponsored ads. Thank you for your support! I couldn't resist. And yeah, you've gotta love those "brinks" Sorry about that,Marion. It will be interesting to see if the series The Rook manages to capture the book's charm. I bought a quilling book for our daughter a while back, but she hasn't had much time to give it a try.

    I sent her this link - maybe it will provide some inspiration - beautiful images!

    Earth from Space: Where worlds collide

    And I enjoyed "The Rook", read it last year - "We're being invaded by evil Belgian fleshcrafters, and […]. If you're missing some of our book cover images, please pause ad block. Looking for something? Aaron, Rachel. Adeyemi, Tomi. Almasi, G.

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