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There are very few experiences in life that are completely unique The perspective of others who have gone [ Items that are lost and forgotten. Why not? He needs the diversion. Time on his hands and money to burn. As significant as these duties appear, there has never been any reason to protect anybody; Ageronian and Earthly alike. Nothing remotely interesting ever happens in Ageron. Even less happens on Earth.

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Ajay can't help but feel his supposed extraordinary power, apparently the greatest of their kind, is going to waste. His world is turned upside down following the most unexpected of encounters with a nemesis he has had few dealings with before, and his perfect world begins to crumble in around him.

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Dedicating themselves to right what has gone so horribly wrong, and developing their new powers along the way, Ajay and his friends are thrust into a new world of the unknown; a world that brings with it potentially disastrous consequences. ONE Sorcerer-Guardian. ONE premonition. ONE chance.

Cortez, Goodreads. Consors always remain the closest of friends, and sometimes even more than that.

Altor: The Shadow Rebellion (the Chronicles of Ageron)

Often the bond that ties the two Consors together can be so strong that they eventually wed and remain together for life, almost like soul mates. My grandparents are one of those couples, as too were my parents. Its for this reason that I am glad my Consor wasnt a girl. There would have been far too much expectation if that were to have happened. Either way we remain paired for life; either the best of friends, or soul mates. And thats supposed to worry me how, exactly? I dont justify his question with a response.

Instead, I raise my eyebrows and stare at him, and allow for the lengthy silence to indicate just how pathetic I think his doubt of my ability is. Happy birthday, he breaks the silence, the smirk still plastered across his face. I offer him a stern look, knowing he is well aware of just how greatly I despise my birthday. Yeah, I know, he responds remorsefully, understanding!

Im sorry. With every ounce of care possible, he slowly lowers me to the ground and releases me from his telekinetic grasp. Before a second passes, I raise my arm and lift a nearby pillow without touching it, hurling it towards him with the flick of my wrist. It collides directly into his face, messing up his neat, brown hair. Zaniel looks nothing like I do. He has the standard pale skin and piercing eyes of any other Sorcerer, but he is tall and thin. Everything about Zaniel is narrow; his face is relatively thin, and he has a narrow and pointy nose that meets at its top with the ends of his two thin eyebrows.

He has an almost fragile look about him, but I know all too well nothing could be any further from the truth. Dont mention it, I say in effort to make him feel less guilty. Besides, it gives me an excuse to kick your keister next time we train. A wide, arrogant grin produces across his face, one I am all too familiar with. He does have an arrogant quality to him, but thats just Zaniel. Wheres Milly and Cassaius? Another meeting? I nod.

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Although not an Altor himself, he knows almost as much about it as I do. That is the one of the pros of being Consor to an Altor, I suppose. So, what mischief are we going to get up to, then? Zaniel always has been the more rebellious of the two of us. Ive always gathered it is due to his arrogance. That depends, I say. What mischief would you like to cause! He takes a moment to think about it, raises his hand as though he has an idea to share, but lowers it again, suggesting the thought he had has passed. The continuing silence is one that is beginning to disturb me, and I can feel myself beginning to do the one thing I so desperately dont wish to; think.

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How about we just train? I suggest, hoping to evade any further awkward silences. As much as training has become more of a chore than anything else, purely because of how frequently we actually do it and what few abilities I have to use, I know it is the perfect distraction for me.

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Training will keep my thoughts from haunting me. He offers a slight nod. Ill meet you there, he says approvingly.

enter I can tell the thought of training has him excited. Zaniel loves training. He loves any chance to use his abilities. For some reason, he has himself convinced that he is more powerful than I, but deep down I know he knows that isnt the case. Im an Altor.