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Her brother was also working at 'the Geich' that day, but had not gone down into the pit. East Dunbartonshire Provost Eric Gotts said: "The new memorial is a very fitting monument to all those brave men.

The Straits Times, 28 February 1937

The whole service was a deeply moving experience. Poem by William J. The statue was unveiled in September by Alex Salmond. A statue paying tribute to the 47 men who died in one of Scotland's worst mining disasters has been stolen.

National Health Service (Bullying)

The six foot bronze statue was erected in Moodiesburn, near Glasgow, to mark the 50th anniversary of the tragedy. A spokesman for the local miners' club said he was saddened and shocked at the theft so soon after the unveiling. The men were killed after a fire trapped them underground at the Auchengeich Colliery in North Lanarkshire on 18 September Only one miner who started the fateful shift survived the blaze, which was caused by an electrical fault 1,ft below the surface. A local man - whose father was killed in the tragedy - noticed the memorial was missing at about GMT on Thursday and alerted the police.

Superintendent Henry Campbell, of Cumbernauld Police office, said: "This crime has outraged the local community and we will do everything possible to trace those responsible and return the statue to its rightful place. Do the right thing and return it, or let someone know where it is. The vice president of Auchengeich Miners' Welfare Club, Ian Lowe, who was down the pit on the day of the disaster, said: "I felt sick when I found out it had been stolen.

Councillor William Hogg said: "I am absolutely shocked and disgusted by this mindless crime. He added: "I would like to assure everyone that the council will do everything possible to ensure that the statue will be replaced.

Black Gold

I would appeal to anyone with any information about this theft to contact Strathclyde Police immediately. Welcome Home Iconic miner returned to rightful place at Auchengeich. Information and photographs submitted by subscribers are posted in good faith. If any copyright of anyone else's material is unintentionally breached, please email me.

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Kirkintilloch Herald. Emails from Scotland.

House of Commons Early Day Motions, 10 October

Black Gold project Seems to have Gone. Those Who Died. Charles Sharkey Rescue Brigadesman. Page 17 - Emails, Page 8 Inquiry Disaster.

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Pit Terminology - Glossary. Tel: Fax: E-mail: alan. Trees will now be planted beside the memorial and benches installed. Irene Murphy, lost her dad — Andrew Docherty — in the disaster.

That this House notes with outrage the recent events in Spain, with hundreds of people being brutally attacked by state authorities, police breaking into polling stations and dragging people out on the floor; demands all the support necessary for any British nationals caught up in the abuse; calls on the Government to condemn these events in the strongest terms and to make clear to the Spanish Government that Britain will not stand silently as innocent people are brutally attacked; and reiterates the universal values of freedom of speech, democracy and peace that bind the EU together.

That this House expresses its deep disappointment and concern at the actions of agencies of the Spanish state against Catalan citizens trying to exercise their democratic right to vote in the Catalonian independence referendum; condemns all violence perpetrated by the Spanish Guardia Civil against the people of Catalonia; urges the Spanish Government and Government of Catalonia to pursue dialogue and mediation to bring about a negotiated settlement; believes that such a settlement must respect civil rights and the right to self-determination, as laid out in the UN charter; notes that the process must be inclusive; and requests that the European Commission, the EU and its member states highlight the fundamental rights that should be enjoyed by Catalans as European citizens and ensure they are protected in accordance with European and international law.

That this House welcomes the 25th World Mental Health Day, the increase in awareness it causes and the great work that has been done in the field of mental health; condemns the recent decision of Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and the county's clinical commissioning groups to not call in NHS trust psychiatrists for Mental Health Act assessments, and to only use their services when a detention in hospital is being considered; believes that this decision reverses vital progress in mental health treatment; notes the harm that this will cause to people who could have to wait longer for diagnosis and treatments placing them at risk; and further condemns the decision as one made for administrative convenience and not for the people who are suffering and using these services.

That this House supports the UN Human Rights Council's decision to send an eminent group of war crimes investigators to Yemen; notes that more than 10, deaths have occurred in Yemen since the conflict began; further notes the allegations that have been made against all parties in the conflict, including the Saudi-led coalition; and calls on the Government to use its influence to ensure that the group of investigators are appropriately selected and ensure that they are independent.

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  • That this House recognises the excellent work done by the Guardian and Operation Black Vote through their colour of power studies; notes their findings showing that out of the 1, most powerful executives in the UK only 36 come from BAME backgrounds; and calls on the Government to support efforts to increase BAME representation in all sectors of business and society. That this House notes that out of the estimated 31, children and young people with diabetes under the age of 19, about 1. That this House congratulates NICE on recommending that all UK citizens over the age of 40 should receive a diabetes check; notes that more than , people are thought to be living with undiagnosed diabetes; further notes type 2 diabetes is reversible with the right support; and calls on those in the medical profession and the Government to support this recommendation and make it a reality.

    That this House calls on the Government to guarantee that EU bans on the import of cat and dog fur and commercial seal products will remain in place when the UK leaves the EU; and notes that the UK played key roles in the introduction of both of these bans and that both are supported by a large majority of the public.

    That this House notes that the Government of Pakistan has implemented policies severely restricting the operating space for local and international non-governmental organisations NGOs ; further notes that this action will undermine Pakistan's ability to reach its development goals; urges the Government to recognise the essential role NGOs play in countering violent extremism and promoting development and human rights; highlights that both the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the European Council have urged a transparent and streamlined system for registration of NGOs in Pakistan; and further urges the Government of Pakistan to ease the negative effects of the over-regulation of NGOs, including the policy of regulation of international NGOs and the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act.

    That this House congratulates Govan Housing Association on the launch of the Govan Home Team, a community interest company delivering high-quality repairs and maintenance to the residents of Govan whilst re-investing any surpluses in community projects to ensure local people thrive and develop in an environment where their aspirations are nurtured; and notes that the HOME team will support the creation of over 50 jobs locally to Goran and invest in traditional skills training so as to build a local workforce which is competent in maintaining and preserving the rich history attached to its tenemental stock.

    That this House notes that VAT of 20 per cent is charged on community public access defibrillators and the secure cabinet in which they are housed; further notes that more than 30, people a year have a cardiac arrest in a non-hospital location; observes that from cardiac arrest there is on average five minutes to save a life; notes the chance of survival after the heart stops falls by around 10 per cent for every minute that passes without defibrillation; recommends that every community should have a community public access defibrillator in an easily accessible location; points out that if VAT were removed from community defibrillators then every sixth machine would be free; congratulates the communities who fundraise for these vital pieces of life-saving equipment; and urges the Government to remove VAT from community public access defibrillators and their cabinets.

    That this House deplores the recent rise in the interest rate for many student loan holders to 6.

    Black Gold (Special Edition) - Auchengeich Mining Disaster

    Session House of Commons 10 October Notices of Motions for which no days have been fixed 'Early Day Motions' The figure following this symbol is the number of Members who have added their names in support of the Motion, including the Member in charge of the Motion. Lloyd Russell-Moyle Lady Hermon. Sir Peter Bottomley Lady Hermon.

    Lanarkshire Pit Disaster (1959)