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While these kinds of events are usually full…. Gosh Microsoft, please stop teasing us, and come out with this already. Over the summer I wrote about how a new Microsoft Flight Simulator will be unveiled in As an animal lover I sort of love this story I think?

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Essentially a man had all of his frequent flyer miles taken away because of an elaborate scheme he concocted to get his overweight cat on a plane. So, what happened? Boeing situation just seems to keep getting worse, and that goes beyond the MAX. It has now been announced that Boeing doesn't expect the first X delivery to happen until For those of you not familiar, the Boeing X is Boeing's newest…. Boeing has had a really rough year with the grounding of the MAX globally following two fatal crashes. That was bad enough, but all the scandals that have emerged following this have left a lot of us in shock regarding the culture of what was once….

He travels about , miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class experiences. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. I too flew with Bob several times to Tokyo. When I was employed by NW, Bob was a legend both inside and outside the company. I was chatting with him on one trip to NRT and I mentioned that he must have gone back to the Boeing days. Bob corrected me, and told me he went back to the Boeing Stratocruiser days!

He loved flying the Tokyo route, and he thought it would be fitting if he was lucky enough to someday pass away in Japan while on layover.

Bob was a great guy who will be missed by all who knew him. Die on a layover?

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Too bad something like that happened but i still wonder if it was really suicidal. I always listen to hlw to use the emergency exit doors but never been so keen, but dont u think using it is so easy that one can press the open button or handle, what ever it is by mistake that it would open and draw someone out by mistake? Think about it , because for one to commit suicide , they dont need to wait for the plane to land and they jump off when the plane is parking.

Flight Attendants Question Safety of MAX - WSJ

I think she lost her life by mistake. May her soul rest in peace. Lucky, in a statement issued by the Civil Aviation Authority CAA , the crew member is alive and currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed health facility. Lucky: Maybe a murder? Is there reliable info where the crew member survived or not? Sources diverge on that point.

Santastico, I assure you, she was recognisable enough to people who have worked with and know her. These images are extremely devastating to the crew in general let alone those connected to her.

No excuse for publicising it. Imagine if that were your sister or girlfriend. I was expecting a plane in mid flight where someone would jump. How can you die from jumping from a grounded plane emergency door to the ground. Andromeda: This type of article does attract that type of comments unfortunately. Lucky may want to police the comment sector more efficiently or refrain from doing these types of stories. Currently there are 4 2x dogs on UA, the Alaska pilot and this one.

All of them attracted or will do so the worst possible comments imaginable. Stories like this need to be shared, pressure needs to be put on countries that fail in providing human rights. If you search for other similar stories you will find many. There are many more stories that never get out.

These residents become trapped financially and by other means, they are unable to speak out for fear of inprisonment or worse. When you choose where you book your next holiday people should be aware of who they are supporting with their hard earned money. My condolences to her family and loved ones.

This hurts to read. As for reaching out helping? Lmao it never helped me when I was going through a tough time. I can understand the emotions and expression of opinions such an article can invoke.

This Flight Attendant Shared Why You Shouldn't Order Coffee On A Flight And I'm Done, Y'all

But are we really suggesting omission and sensorship? I can understand why those would want to cancel a flight over such tragedy. But our emotions cannot and should not be the answer. Canceling an international flight is bigger than just the people on that plan. It affects hundreds of other fliers, airports. That one snowballs into so much more. My heart goes out to the flight attendant. The thoughts of wanting to end ones life is traumatic…. And if we learned to accept differences instead of condemning others… she may have not wanted to do such a thing.

I can understand the emotions that an article like this will invoke and ones need to share those… we are all in doing it; but are we really suggesting omission and censorship? I can Understand why some feel the flight should have been canceled.

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Your talking about not just the travelers on that plan. Especially when the flight continuing has zero relation to the safety of the other passengers. As for the flight attendant, my heart goes out to her. We as people really need to stop and plan our words a little more carefully and employ empathy and compassion to all not just with person who was pushed to the point of attempting suicide in mind.

We really need more expression of acceptance, understanding…… less judgmenting. And god forbid those who agree with cancellation find out what happens to those who pass away on a cruise ship! The flight attendant actually survived and is in hospital. ChrisL I do suggest you visit the country before making such a wildly inaccurate and facile statement from the comfort of your sofa. I have travelled to Uganda many times, staying with locals. It is a beautiful country, with dignified and decent people who are hamstrung by a selfish and self-serving government.

I really do get sick of you armchair experts. Try using a sock next time you feel like displaying your ignorance and making a fool of yourself. Yes, as per the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority press release the lady is still alive. The injured crew member was brought to the nearest hospital. Having lived in Dubai since , I know that the UAE has a history of covering up facts, but they are getting slightly more honest and open.

Things have moved on a bit since those days. You may also claim that the lady got scared of entebbe and decided to take her life.

People saw the lady walk to the emmergence exit door with a glass, she opened and jumped. She died before reaching hospital RIP. Emirates management must investigated since passengers claim that she had earlier picked a quarrel with fellow crew members. By reading some comments here other people are speaking of cancelling the flight.

Do you know how much it was going to cost the company? When this happened yesterday, I saw it from Facebook but I thought it was a joke until I confirmed with a colleague in EBB Int Airport because I also worked there for some weeks and i know some Ugandans at the airport, especially the company that handle Emirates. I felt very very bad because since am working at airport such accident has never happened where I am.

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Many things to say but let just pray for this to not happen again. Whatever the circumstances of this tragic incident there should not be any pictures published of this young woman. How her family must feel is beyond thinking about! Shameful journalism!! The door was definitely disarmed cos passengers were boarding. So no need to remove any girt bar either. Whatever was the cause, this is sad… and my prayers for the family.

Maybe its nice to comment. Absolute shame as she was a very kind person and was a great FA.