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Guy Poole is a newly qualified sergeant and resident of the town of Bexford. He is paired with the gruff and imposing character of Inspector Sam Brock, and their growing relationship is integral to the overall series.

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Poole is looking for a fresh start after a traumatic incident in his past, and Brock has his own baggage and family issues that play out over the series as they start racking up the murder cases! I think the key to their characters is that they are both just normal, decent guys that have been in extraordinary situations especially in the case of Poole. Life is a series of events, both good and bad, and how you react to them makes you who you are.

Brock and Poole are no different.

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That's how you become an adult. You accumulate baggage, good and bad, until you're a fully formed human. It doesn't make you damaged, it makes you who you are, it makes you whole. Mary was born into a wealthy family who have now hit hard times.

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She fell into a crime-solving acting role on a murder mystery tv show that turned into huge success and became the darling of the nation for twenty years. That is until she was replaced by a younger model! Dealing with the disappointment and faced with deciding what to do with the rest of her life, she is present when the woman chosen to replace her on screen is murdered.

This and a family secret which may well be the answer to their money problems, lead her to slowly take on more of the role she played on tv, but with her own inimitable style and frankly, more gin! What do you like about this sub-genre?


She's an amateur sleuth who becomes involved in crime solving mostly through circumstance which is a clear trope of a cosy. Why did you decide to start a new series? I always planned to write in multiple series and so this is the start of that. I'm very much a morning person, so I like to get up ridiculously early and write before the rest of the house wakes and the chaos of daily life begins!

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I tend to write the whole book in linear fashion an then go back and move things around and fiddle afterwards. I like to throw in things that even I wasn't expecting, and then try to work out how to resolve them! Always entertainment for me.

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That's most important to me as a writer, that I give someone a few hours of pleasure and enjoyment. This requires a balance between what is plausible and what is entertaining, but I would always lean towards making it fun over realistic if given the straight choice!

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In your opinion, what are the major trends in the modern mystery genre? Hardcastle's Quartet Graham Ison Inbunden.

Make Them Pay (Brock and Poole, book 12) by Graham Ison

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They immediately question Dennis Jones, who found Cooper's lifeless body, and Lydia Maxwell, who lived in the apartment opposite - but is either of them telling the truth? Richard Cooper appears to have been a very private man who left few clues behind. As the investigation gathers pace, however, a trip to Belgium could signal the possible unravelling of the mystery.