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Mae did not like lesbians, and was heard to remark, amid the hubbub: "Well, anyhow, we're normal! Quite how normal the cast and writer of Sex were was to be the subject of a sensational trial that opened at the end of March. At the Sex trial, 12 stout citizens, all male, had been found for the jury, and the chief prosecution witness, Sergeant Patrick Keneally of the Midtown vice squad, began reading out lines from the play in a thick Irish brogue. Unable to find actual profanities in the text, the prosecution alleged that the offence was in the way Mae West moved on the stage, and the hapless sergeant was requested to demonstrate this too.

He declined, prosecution counsel explaining primly that "everyone in the police force is not a dancer". This was the first, but not the last court action that Mae West endured for putting on transgressive plays: she was to be tried for The Drag, an even more transgressive tale of homosexuals on the stage, in The first play, Sex, was the tale of Margie Lamont, a prostitute who becomes romantically involved with a sailor as well as a society boy who is ignorant of her real life. When Mae wrote Sex, she was 33 years old, and had already ended a show-business career as a singer, showgirl, revue actress and all-round vaudeville entertainer, which had lasted almost 20 years.

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Even at this stage, she was already drenched in myth - though the myths were not as extreme as they would become half a century later. In , fully 50 years after the opening of Sex on Broadway, Mae West was once again playing sex, in the role of a movie star about to marry her sixth husband.

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This would be her last movie, Sextette. At the age of 83, she was still determined never to play anyone over the age of 26, or, in her exact words: never to "try to be anything but myself at all times I pity weak women, good or bad, but I can't like them.

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A woman should be strong either in her goodness or badness. Despite her credo, set out many times, myths gathered around Mae like summer mosquitoes: Mae West was a man, and had to shave her beard every day; Mae West was a virgin; Mae West was black. And so forth.

The stage is ready for the play, and the divan for romance. Contrary to another myth, she was never a child star, though she acted in amateur shows and caught the theatre bug - the hunger for the spotlight. She was properly schooled and played one season in stock theatre, which she later parlayed into a wide experience of juvenile roles.

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Then, in or , aged over 16, she left home for a vaudeville career. Soon after, she met a young man named Frank Wallace, probably the first man she had sex with and, as was the wont of young ladies of her era in such a circumstance, she married him. This early and brief marriage came back to haunt West two decades later, when she was already a Hollywood star, saviour of Paramount Studios and scourge of the censorial Hays Office.

Inconveniently, in , Wallace turned up and claimed his part in her fortune, setting off an eight-year court battle.

In the end, West was free of him, but not without having to reveal her true age - embarrassingly shown to be seven years older than she had claimed since the s. Apart from this blunder, Mae West never married she couldn't, as she wasn't legally divorced until But that turned out to make her fortune, as speculation about her many lovers stoked her own legend. Paradoxically, though, West was never part of the great social whirl of Hollywood.

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