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In the past, the awards have been criticized for transphobia, biphobia, representing only a fraction of queer creative output, and not representing queer creative output at all.


As recently as , a transphobic book made the list of finalists in the transgender category until protests got it removed. This year, there were transgender fiction and non-fiction categories. In , the award guidelines were changed to specify that awards should go to LGBT-identified writers. In , they changed again — people of any sexual orientation or gender can win in most of the award categories.

Judges must still self-identify as queer. Under any configuration the awards have had their issues, some of which continue into the present — in the career categories, for instance, specifying only female- and male-identified award winners seems problematic at best. Status Available.

Check Out. Genres LGBT. Description "Short fiction from the transgender vanguard"--Back of jacket. Awards Lambda Literary Award. Language English. Original publication date Similar in this library Nevada by Imogen Binnie. Take me there : genderqueer erotica by Tristan Taormino.

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A queer and pleasant danger : a memoir by Kate Bornstein. Gender outlaws : the next generation by Kate Bornstein.

Joey was lying on zer back, and Kant gently pulled back zer lips to inspect zer teeth. I like being a mutant. Joey cut zer own hair, so ze was in a state of constant trimming and adjustments. Zer hair was currently in what ze thought of as a Safe For Work state, meaning that none of it was shaved or dyed, and the asymmetry came off as trendy instead of jarring. Zer summer job had ended a week and a half ago, however, and ze could use a change. Ze pulled open the cabinet behind the mirror and pulled out a pair of scissors.

Ze grabbed a handful of wavy brown hair and chopped it off. When ze closed the cabinet to take a look in the mirror, ze found light dancing in zer peripheral vision. Suddenly disoriented, Joey sat down on the toilet and closed zer eyes. When ze opened them, the phenomenon was still happening. It seemed like the trick of light ze used to experience as a child, when ze could see tiny micro-organisms floating on the surface of zer eyes. These, however, moved much more swiftly, and were distinctly opaque and silver. It was just as likely a new trick of light, but Joey was consumed with anxiety.

The complete foreignness of the sensation made zer feel like these were tiny silver slices in the universe; reality seemed punctured and these were fragments of something else leaking out.

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Eventually both the phenomena and the anxiety subsided. He saw her as soon as he walked in. Benedicta Goeppert was wearing a bright green dress with white buttons down the front.

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He crossed the floor of well-dressed scientists and engineers sipping wine and stopped just before reaching her. Suddenly self-conscious about how he would greet her, he turned to a nearby table of food and pretended to consider its contents. She approached him and touched his arm, which thrilled him briefly. They talked about what they had done between leaving the collider and this reception. Then she asked a question that surprised him: Have you received any hate mail? He gave a flustered no and asked if she knew of some enemy he had made.

She told him about all the press around the world that the Large Hadron Collider was getting as the first run approached, and that some people thought they might create tiny black holes and effectively destroy the world. He laughed at the suggestion, and asked if she had received anything.

2013 Lambda Literary Award Winners Announced

She said she had, one letter. She did not laugh. After some drinks, they wandered out of the ballroom and down one of the halls of the hotel hosting the event. Goeppert went into a restroom, and asked Gregory to wait for her. He leaned against the wall next to the door and his mind wandered.

He thought about his wife, and wondered if Dr. Goeppert was right, if there had been some incarnation of the universe in which he never met Anna and married her. In some other incarnation of existence she would come out of the bathroom and kiss him and ask him to stay here in the hotel with her tonight. When they were at the front desk, they would pretend they were married.

They would hold hands like newlyweds, and in the morning they would plan to move here to Geneva together. If she was right, if the universe was born and died infinite times, then it had already happened, or it would happen, someday. This time, she came out of the bathroom, walked straight to him and put her hand in his. She looked up and asked him, using his first name: Jean-Michel, will I ever see you again after tonight?

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I love your hips like mine, I love your body and I love my body less alone. Your body draws me into my body, because I know your body so well, and I know it to be beautiful. They went back to the Purple Kitty. Joey still had bits of hair scattered all over zer shoulders. Joey wore brown and black pretty much exclusively until ze dropped out of college. He trailed off. Or live with me and you. She wants her space. His French toast and zer eggs came, and they both ate quietly for a while. Kant reached for the powdered sugar and picked up the conversation again.

Starting by demanding attention that way made zer feel like what ze was going to say was less ridiculous.