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Ebbets Field, the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers, was torn down with a wrecking ball painted like a baseball after the team moved to Los Angeles in What was left of the stadium was scattered. Its flagpole ended up outside its distant descendant, the Barclays Center. Ruth was many things: a slugger of legendary proportions, a World Series champion many times over, a hard partier, and an icon—perhaps the icon—of the New York Yankees. But despite his professed desire to, Ruth never became manager of his beloved Bronx Bombers.

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He only coached in Major League Baseball for a year, as a first base coach for the Dodgers in After that job, Ruth would never work in baseball again. Ruth had been dreaming of a Yankees coaching gig since well before his playing career with them ended in At the time it was common for star players to become player-managers, and Ruth saw himself as a natural fit for the hot seat.

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When he finally got an offer to coach the baselines in Brooklyn, Ruth took the job, knowing that it might be his last chance to make a name for himself in the coaching ranks and maybe, just maybe, make his way back to the Bronx. Unlike the other Dodger uniforms, which were zippered, Babe had his custom-made with buttons, as he preferred.

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The two scrapped in the clubhouse that October, and the team sided with Durocher, who became player-manager the very next year. And that was it for the Bambino. Follow us on Twitter to get the latest on the world's hidden wonders.

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Just Released! The second edition of our bestselling book. Ebbets Field was not the "House that Ruth Built.

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In This Story. The ballpark in "Pigtown" where the Brooklyn Dodgers made their name was replaced with a huge apartment complex. Destination Guide. To be honest, however, Eilis might ditch both of these guys. Despite her hand being forced, Eilis now realizes that the only place where she'll have the freedom to make choices is Brooklyn. She might not have all of the answers right now—she might even be fuzzy about the questions—but she knows she'll have to return to the big city to find them.


All rights reserved. What's Up With the Ending? Analysis: What's Up With the Ending? In other words, it's a huge mess.

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