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Knobel supported activities and events sponsored by the Granville Historical Society. The year served as the bicentennial year of the coming of the New England settlers from Granville, Mass. The Granville Historical Society undertook the writing and publication of a three-volume bicentennial history of the village, Granville, Ohio: A Study in Continuity and Change. Dale assisted in finding funding for this project and additionally wrote the introductory chapter to Volume One.

In , the college hosted its first Boston Posse, becoming one of only a handful of schools to accept Posses from more than one city. Today, 16 of 44 participating institutions do so. There are now some 80 Posse Scholars on the Hill at any given time, a presence that Laurel Kennedy, vice president of student development, credits with having jump-started a demographic shift on campus.

The practical benefits of Posse go both ways: Scholars gain access to a college they might not otherwise have had the means or the inclination to attend, while Denison gets a steady infusion of highly qualified students from diverse backgrounds who might have eluded the traditional recruitment and admissions process. But Posse confers other, less tangible benefits on the college as well. Because Posse candidates are nominated by high schools and community-based organizations on the basis of both academic and leadership potential, they tend to play an outsized role on campus, founding or leading student organizations and sharing their perspectives in ways that enrich the educational experience for all students, both in and out of class.

And while the cohort-based system was designed to increase retention among participants by providing a built-in support group, the presence of Posse Scholars also helps attract and retain other students from underrepresented groups. That kind of knock-on effect has made Posse an important lever for changing the campus culture—one with impact that may be far greater than the numbers alone suggest.

In the many speeches Dale has given, he has always emphasized the importance of empathy. In psychology, there is much discussion on the relationship between resilience and empathy, the latter being a key component of fostering sincere, strong, healthy relationships, which in turn contribute to the protective processes that make us more resilient to the adversities of life.

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Memories of Dale practicing the pronunciation of Akademischer Austauschdienst for the Awards Convocation. Perhaps my favorite moment with Dale was when I experienced a professional crisis, one that manifested feelings of uncertainty and a desire for flight. After talking with Dale, I felt restored.

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He helped me find my balance again. The house has had a long and varied history since it was built by Dr. Alfred Follett in and named for a peninsula off the coast of Cape Cod. Jones, who expanded the roof to accommodate a third-floor ballroom. Denison acquired Monomoy Place which is celebrating its th anniversary this year from the Jones estate in , to serve as temporary housing for freshmen women.

It continued to function as student housing into the mids, when it was in such poor condition that the university made plans to demolish it. President Bob Good and his wife, Nancy, recognized its unique value and saved it from the wrecking ball, renovating it to serve as a presidential residence. The Goods moved into Monomoy in For the Knobels, living in an old house for the first time has been an education.

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A whimsical cabinet she found for the dining room, hand-painted with rabbits, bows, and butterflies, feels like the right fanciful touch in an elegant room of mahogany, silver, and chinoiserie wallpaper. The craftsman expanded that floral pattern to the sidelights and the large single pane of the front door, bringing a period touch as well as privacy to the main entrance. Leaving Monomoy Place will not be easy. But not everything was brand-spanking new. But some building projects changed the face of campus. For years student housing was the same old, same old: two to a room; concrete cinder block walls; bathrooms off the hallway for the residents to share.

In , under the Knobel administration, Sunset D now called Good Hall made an appearance, and the entire Sunset block was equipped with kitchens. Seniors now can live four to an apartment, where they can eat in their own kitchen and watch TV in their own living room. When the Ebaugh renovation and expansion project wrapped up in , the building was more than 19, square feet bigger and boasted new classrooms, as well as teaching and research labs.

In keeping with a commitment made by the college in , it was built to meet the U. The new Chamberlin opened its doors to students last summer. In the 19th century, it was Talbot who ushered in a modern science curriculum at Denison, so it made sense to put his name on a building that would enhance and expand the laboratory and classroom space available to students and faculty. There also are six teaching labs where students conduct experiments in everything from rearranging genes to modeling ecosystems. Dedicated in , Burton Morgan is something of a campus favorite, especially when students want a comfy couch or a quiet corner to study.

That room was just renamed Knobel Hall. And there are lots of cool spots throughout the building for faculty, staff, and students to get some exercise or for student athletes to train. The fourth floor holds senior studios, which give studio art majors their own personal creative space. The building was constructed with the environment in mind, and much of the material was recycled from the old building or bought locally.

The main piece of art hanging in the front lobby actually is recycled, too. Read the full issue. Share this article:. Share "The Historian - When Dale Knobel arrived on campus in to assume the Denison presidency, he set out to make some serious changes in the make-up of the campus community. Print: "The Historian - When Dale Knobel arrived on campus in to assume the Denison presidency, he set out to make some serious changes in the make-up of the campus community.

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  • Henry Sacheverell Henry Sacheverell," London, , 16p. Henry Sacheverell," London, Printed for A. Sacheverell," London, Printed for John Morphew, , 31p. Bishop of Norwich's speech has separate title-page. Sacheverell was an English political preacher who delivered two sermons in in which he assailed the Revolution Settlement and the Act of Toleration causing his impeachment.

    He was found guilty and was suspended from preaching for three years. A promotion published by Firestone at the height of the post WWI rubber industry boom. The inserts in the rear pocket are of great interest: 1. The Annual Statement of the Firestone Co. A double folding photo of Firestone Plant No.

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    A single sheet photo of Firestone Plant No. A single sheet photo of the Firestone Steel Plant. A four sheet folded outline map of the world shows sources of crude rubber and cotton for tire fabric.

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    These inserts illustrate various subjects of the text. The company was especially proud of its development of homes for its Akron employees now known as the Firestone Park section of Akron. It is interesting to note that before a year was out, Harvey Firestone, so expansive in this glowing estimate of the future, would be called back to Akron when the tire business collapsed.

    North Hills: Bird and Bull Press, Account of 32 foot paper balloons used by the Japanese to bomb the U. Six Americans died as a result in Oregon in Akron, OH: Ginseng, ? Poetry by local authors who meet every Saturday at the Avalon Coffee House. Price: 9.

    No place: No publisher, no date c Township maps, "Rural Listings", etc. A collection of photographs, newspaper articles, etc. Printed on rectos only. Lorain, OH: St. John's Church, A brief history of the Church, with the program for the "Jubilee Celebration. Governance of the Fair, rules, details about entries for each Department, program of events, etc. Dayton, OH: John J. Keyes, no date c Photographs, with brief captions, of sites in Dayton, Ohio, with an emphasis on the Soldiers' Home.

    Boston: W.

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    Reynolds and Co. Divided into 6 "Holidays", each with descriptions of appropriate games, often described in stories and some with poems. Ottawa: Printed for Private Circulation, Account of the Prince's visit, much of it reprinted from local newspapers. Evidently J. Norris was instrumental in arranging the visit. Names and addresses of all in Utica over 18 years of age. October Clippings of new phone numbers laid in or tipped in at end. Utica, Ohio.

    Cover title. Brief history of the town, profiles of businesses. No place: No publisher, Contains brief history of the county, descriptions of major buildings, profiles of businesses and ads.